The 5E Instructional Model: Evaluate

Well... I fell of the blogging wagon yet again. I'm not going to make excuses. But, I am going to finish this blog series!! Let me ask you this: When you were in school, did you cover a topic and then study like crazy to take a test over it? You may or may not… Continue reading The 5E Instructional Model: Evaluate

The 5E Instructional Model: Elaborate

 I'm making progress folks. Only a few weeks between posts, as opposed to months. steps Today I'm going to delve into the fourth component of the 5E Instructional Model... Elaborate. I've also heard it referred to as the "Extend" component. Tomato....tomahhhto... I have to admit that for me, this is the most difficult part,… Continue reading The 5E Instructional Model: Elaborate