The 5E Instructional Model: Elaborate

 I'm making progress folks. Only a few weeks between posts, as opposed to months. steps Today I'm going to delve into the fourth component of the 5E Instructional Model... Elaborate. I've also heard it referred to as the "Extend" component. Tomato....tomahhhto... I have to admit that for me, this is the most difficult part,… Continue reading The 5E Instructional Model: Elaborate

The 5E Instructional Model: Explain

Well, well, well. Where have I been? Let me just say this... new grade + new school + new school district = one huge, new learning curve. This is my twenty-third year, and it has still been an adjustment. But, even though I have been AWOL for a while, my little blog (and this blog… Continue reading The 5E Instructional Model: Explain